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Your dog doesn’t want to watch Netflix

Spring In Cincinnati, warm and sunny one minute, raining cats and dogs the next (yes pun is intended). Your creatures might be just as hesitant to go out as you are. While you wait a storm out with a good Netflix binge or dive into a good book your pet is bored out of their minds.

Before the destructive chewing starts or they decide potty in house to get your attention here are some ideas to relieve the ideal pet.

1. Go shopping

Maybe you just used your last drywall nail, does your bathroom need a fresh coat of paint, whatever the reason make a run to a hardware store with your pet. Most of them are dog friendly. The larger ones would be a nice place to get some climate control exercise. Just be sure to not let your pooch pee on the paint sample stand 😬.

2. Longer walks

Wait, but it’s cold out and you have one more episode of the Umbrella Academy left? This is a great time to hire a dog walker (shameless plug here 🖐🏽) Seriously though your pet is ready to hit the streets, there are so many great things to smell now that the snow is gone. Don’t feel guilty, its their job and they are happy to do it.

3. Enrichment

This is a fancy word for hiding treats and making your pet find them. This can work for cats or dogs 🐶🐱. Remember our snuggily, goofy creatures once had to hunt for their food. You can hide treats through the house or in

specificly animal designed puzzle. There are lots of great products out there for this. A great resource is the FB page canine enrichment. They have tons of ideas to wear out those cabin fevered creatures.

Shake off those winter blues. Your fur kids are ready to play with you.


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