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Some changes to Dirty Feet Coming Atch YA!

If Dirty Feet Pet Care had a store front there would currently be a sign "Closed for Remodeling". Since there is no physical building DF can stay operational and still make some changes. You could say inventory is being taken and boxes are being moved. Updates are being made that will hopefully improve communication between clients and walkers with switching from Leashtime to Time to Pet. DF has also joined Slack, an online communication hub, this will act as the water cooler for walkers. A place for the DF team to share photos, ideas and support one another.

Dirty Feet is switching providers for scheduling, invoicing etc. The current one has been good but a little stagnant for DF growing needs. The best feature of Time to Pet is that it has a mobile app for clients. This way clients can schedule, make changes and communicate directly through the app. This will take the place of texts, emails and put it all in one place. The goal is to have everyone moved over by the end of April.

Since there is no actual location for DF team members to meet, well except all the great coffee shops in the city, sometimes we loose touch with one another. If for instance two sitters are sharing a pet sit on the weekend Slack can act as the place for them both to communicate about the pets, ex: "Hey Rose, Max ate all his food so will probably need to poop on the walk, thanks Joshua". It is another tool that will improve communication while keeping it all in one place.

So be on the lookout from a email from Time to Pet. Their logo is shown above. Take some time to look it over and please if there are any questions let us. This is a great time to update information that the DF team might need to know (do you have a new alarm code, different place for the leash?)

Thanks for taking the time to read this and for growing with Dirty Feet Pet Care.

Have a great weekend :)


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