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Dirty Feet Pet Care. A professional dog walking and pet sitting service based in the Cincy / NKY area.

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      When I started Dirty Feet Pet Care in 2006 I wanted to combine my love of walking dogs with my entrepreneurial spirit. I saw what joy and comfort a simple walk could bring to dogs and their parents. It was a no brain-er! I had to share this passion with others. I joined the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters, a non-profit group for small pet care businesses. I attended conferences, participated in training seminars, gained certification in pet first aid and connected with other pet sitters around the country. All this experience and education is shared with my wonderful team of pet care specialists. 

      Dirty Feet brings care to pets that need one on one attention or have unique circumstances. I hire people that listen to the needs of the client and can relate to the diversity of our pets. Sometimes getting up at 6am on a Saturday or walking all day in the rain can be a challenge but bringing a smile to a pup or getting a purr from a kitty makes it all worth it!



-Abby and the Dirty Feet Team




Flexible scheduling with our online system that keeps you updated daily.


Playtime, Exercise and Potty Breaks ...all that and a treat.

 1 on 1 attention or walks with friends.

Customizable for pups and seniors.


Pet Care Specialists that are professional and take pride in customer service.

Having our professional walkers and sitters on site alleviates territorial marking and excessive barking.

Special multiple unit pricing.

Encourages friendships; Ask about our Yappy Hours!


859 - 816 - 9273


Keep your fur kids close to their normal routine.

Pet Sitting, including overnights.

Specialized Cat Care

We bring in trash cans, mail, water plants, and maintain security of the household.




"Dirty Feet is always reliable, and does everything possible to ensure that we come home to happy, healthy birds and fish. On multiple occasions, Dirty Feet has gone above and beyond by collecting the mail, offering to water plants, and even made us aware (and stayed much longer than planned) to keep our pipes from freezing in the winter during an unexpected storm. Abby shows a genuine interest, passion, and concern for our non-traditional pets, even when our birds do not return the same kindness that she gives to them. Abby embraces the challenge with her pet-sitting expertise and a lot of love, patience,  and humor. She is everything (and more) that I could ask in a pet sitter. You always have a trusted friend with Dirty Feet.Thank you!" 

-Kasja Larson, Chico and Mellow's mom

"Dirty feet pet care has been walking my dogs for 7 years. Before dirty feet, I had two other parties walk my dogs and they never even came close to the relationship and trust I have developed with Abby and dirty feet pet walking. Dirty Feet Pet Care are reliable, accommodating and most importantly love and take good care of my dogs. I don’t know what I would do without them and I know when I go to work, I don’t have to worry about my dog children because the best people in the pet walking service are taking care of them." 

-Cindy Clay, Cephas' mom


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